Baccarat Game

These days, no other gambling gaming variation can still, perhaps, compete with the game of baccarat in terms of unique atmosphere of the playing process. In this respect, it's not only about incredible excitement, which can be received from winning large sums of money, but also about the special game charm, which enables everyone feel like a real noble or aristocrat.

Brief History

Known to have been invented back in the 15th century, the game of baccarat has instantly become a kind of entertainment, affordable for the crisps of society only, and was in the beginning peculiarly played by the most affluent people, much because of the predefined high bet values. Here, despite the fact that the betting options have nowadays become absolutely suitable for average gamblers, as in all other best casino games, the game of baccarat is, yet, rarely chosen by people, who don't have a considerable bankroll at their disposal.


As for common rules and guidelines of the game of baccarat, these haven't, actually, been altered within the centuries of its history, and appear to be virtually simple to grasp, no matter which variation (namely Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, Baccarat en Banque and Mini-Baccarat) are concerned.

In each modification, known to be played within the vast majority of top casino resorts, the objective of the game is, in fact, the same: to get the best hand (set of cards) value, which is recognized to equal 9. One essential peculiarity, here, is that the total value should be counted in the following way: taking into consideration the fact that the 10s and the face cards have a value of "0", small cards are valued "2"- "9" accordingly, and aces are worth "1", if a person has an initial hand of a 10 and a 5,for instance, the hand value will be 10+5=15=1+5=6, as the digits in the sum should be added, until the 1 - 9 value is got.

Game Running

The gaming procedure is also rather easy to master, as there're only 3 available betting options, which include "a Banker", "a Player" and "a Tie", where the Banker, in particular, also refers to one of the actual players, not the casino itself. Still, whereas in Punto Banco every gambler usually makes moves, depending on which cards are initially dealt, in Chemin de Fer, there's rather a choice of how to bet, so some specific skills may be useful to acquire.

Notably, as far as Punto Banco is regarded, the moves are predefined in the following way:

The Player's moves:

  • If the initial hand's total value is 6 or 7 (initial hands of 8 and 9 are "natural" and typically win), the Player should stand, if it's 0 - 5 - the Player should take the 3rd card.
  • The Banker's moves:

  • If the Player doesn't take the 3rd card, the Banker acts in the above-described way (the Player's moves).
  • If the Player has taken the 3rd card, the Banker should follow more complicated rules, which should be perused in advance, if one is interested in winning.
  • Among the possible playing strategies in the game of baccarat for instance, there's, actually none, which may swell one's chance to win a fortune, as it's a game of luck, though the experts generally advise to bet on a Banker, if possible, as this bet tends to win more frequently, whereas a Tie is considered the worst option.

    In comparison with blackjack, or roulette casino game, the game of baccarat is far simpler, although the winnings might turn out more impressive. Therefore, it's really worth trying, if a gambler wishes to try something new at least.

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