Bingo TV Shows

The ever increasing popularity of bingo has seen the game become one of the most played casino games today. This game of chance has continued to attract players from all over the world who are determined to get a slice of the cake as well. This popularity has led to the introduction of some hot world bingo TV shows that are themed on this game. While some of them have come and gone, there is no doubt that they have created a long lasting footprint in the world of gambling and cemented the position of bingo as one of the hottest online games.

One of the most popular world bingo TV shows that graced on our screens was the live TV Bingo, a show that was a popular British television game show. TV bingo was presented by Claire Anstey, Stuart Stone, Ricgie Litchfield, Syritta Spearing, Paul Metcalfe and Claira Hermet. The show run for two hours and was presented by a new presenter after every half an hour. It was originally aired on Sky Digital Channel 847 and 182. TV Bingo live could only be played by those aged 18 years and above and after every round, a winner for the game would be displayed on the screen which also included amount of money won. Live TV Bingo was run between 23 august 2006 and September 2006 and was aired in the United Kingdom on weekdays from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

The other equally popular world bingo TV show was the National Bingo Night which was an Australian game show. This game show was based on an American game show which had a similar name and premiered first on October 21 2007 on the Seven Network. This show was hosted by Tim Campbell, a former star for Home and Away and Renee Bargh, a former Girlband member was the number caller. After running for six weeks, the show was axed after being aired for just one season which comprised of 6 episodes.

Each episode in the National Bingo Night ran for 60 minutes which included commercials as well. The show was marketed by Seven Network as an interactive game experience tailored for both viewers at home and the studio audience. Each episode had three games that were represented by blue, white and red bingo cards. Such and many others world bingo TV shows exactly how this game is reverend by many in the gaming world.

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