Play Roulette Online by Playtech Casino: Play for Free or Real Money With Much Fun

A highly feature-rich and exciting Roulette variant, Video Roulette is often an attraction at any Playtech Casino. What makes this game so popular is its adaptability to every type of players. It is suitable for players who like to keep things simple by placing even money bets and experts who wish to try complicated strategies involving rich statistics and special bets. You can play this exciting game for free at our recommended casino sites or start placing real money bets at reputed casinos.

Though Video Roulette suits all types of casino players, it is the perfect game for high rollers. This is because the game offers some of the highest limits on bets found at any RNG game. It allows up to £250,000 per spin. The unique La Partage rule gives one of the best RTPs ever.

Play Roulette Online For Real Money

An ideal way to get familiar with any casino game is obviously by trying it yourself. Fortunately, most online casinos facilitate demo mode for most of their game offerings. This applies to Video Roulette at Playtech casinos too. Trying the game in free play mode should get you familiar with the game rules and give you all the experience you require to be able to play real money Video roulette with confidence. You should check out the game rules to ensure that you get the most out of this fantastic Roulette version.

Special Features of Video Roulette77

The game variant got its name from its highly unique feature – the video footage. Whenever you press the spin button, you can see a real video of an actual dealer throwing the metal ball in a real Roulette wheel. This video footage takes you closer to the original suspense of anticipating the ball to land at the winning number just as you would feel in a land-based casino. Those who are too excited to watch the video clip can switch to the ‘Turbo’ mode of Roulette. This lets you skip the footage and takes you to the moment of revealing the winning number. This feature does not change the game results but enhances the experience.

Play Roulette Online Games

Moving to the original game, Video Roulette is essentially a combination of French and European Roulette, the two classic roulette variants. What’s better, this game combines the best features of the two games. It has the classic European table layout with many side bets and French Roulette’s unique La Partage rule. There is a racetrack in this game and you cannot just place neighbor bets but also indulge in zero game, orphelins, Voisins Du Zero and Tiers Du cylinder. You also find the ‘Special’ menu where you see additional bets like Black splits, Red splits, Finale Plein and Finale cheval. Play Roulette Online Games!

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