Playing one and the same casino games for a long period of time you may get bored and want to try something new and really interesting. Among all the variety of games we have chosen 5 the best ones, which does not require from you lots of time for mastering of the game and lots of money for making bets. Some of them you can even play for free! All these games will be great for players who want to have rest from tense games.

Of course, you can choose blackjack or poker if you want to play games, which is completely different from bingo and other lottery games, but you have to keep in mind, that these games should be understood by you perfectly. If you feel that you want to change something in your gambling life, but you are not ready to devote your gambling to one game, pay attention to these games:

  • Hearts Card Game
  • Kemps Game
  • Whist Game
  • Kitty Glitter
  • James Bond Slots
  • All of these games are extremely interesting to play, and in some cases they can be better than the most known casino offers such as blackjack or poker. Card games from this list are well-known among players, and maybe you once tried some of them. Do not be scared to try them once again as knowing some more information about them you can get more fun. Two slots machines mentioned here – Kitty Glitter and James Bond slots are loved by many players due to their interesting themes.

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