Bingo Movies

Here are the Bingo Games in the movies with variety genres taken from all around the world.

Bingo: The Documentary (United States)

The movie was directed by John Jeffcoat and was presented in 1999. This is the documentary movie of the bingo game in America. Also, it includes an interview with players throughout the world. The motion picture tries to represent to the audience the reason people play bingo, such as for friends, for money and for fun.

King of the Bingo Game (United States of America)

The King of the Bingo game had premier in 1999 and it was directed by Elise Robertson. This creative movie is about recession period in Harlem during 1940s. The main character was developed by Colman Domingo, who played Sonny an African-American man. The movie is based on a short story author is Ralph Ellison and the writer / director Elise Robertson artistically rewritten the script and movie from the short story. Colman Domingo showed his best facets in terms of acting in this movie, by showing the desperate Sonny. Recently the actor has played in the movie of Steven Spielberg called Lincoln that was presented to the movie audience last year.

Los Bingueros (Spain)

The Spanish movie Los Bingueros was developed in 1979. Mariano Ozores is the director of this comedy craft. The movie was the best selling in the cinema markets of Spain that conquered the Star Wars IV episode in 1979. The cast of actors of the movie were Andres Pajares and Fernando Esteso. The Los Bingueros is all about the story of Spanish bingo of 1970s. The two men Amadeo and Fermin had a bankruptcy and they seek success from bingo games. It is one of the best comedies of bingo movies for people all around the world.

Bingo (Japan)

Yohei Fakudo is the director of the movie named Bingo that was taken in 2012. The movie is based on a story of Yusuke Yamada. The story is horror genre and was published in 2005. The bingo in this movie is played to save the lives of prisoners who were sentenced to death by jurisdiction. The prisoners’ family members play the bingo, while the prisoners sit on a huge bingo cards. Fans of horror genres would like the taste of this movie. Warning! Keep in mind that the movie is not suitable for children and young adults.

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