Bingo vs Keno

Most people tend to think that bingo and keno are one and the same game which is of course not true. While there is no doubt that these games share a lot of similarities, they are also very different when it comes to how they are played and also they are won. The first difference between bingo and keno has to do with picking numbers. In the game of bingo for example, players purchase number cards with numbers printed randomly on them. Cards are valid only for that day or specific game and should be used in time.

On the other hand, players of Keno select their numbers and from the available total, one can select from one to twenty numbers. You just need to mark these numbers on Keno forms and then register your numbers with the game being played next. Betting is also another area where these two games pose some different. Bingo cards usually cost a specified amount of money and players use their cards for just a single game after which they are finished. Since these cards are set all on the same cost, this means that the bets can never vary and the only change which players of bingo make is deciding on the number of cards to use in each game.

But in Keno, the players get to choose the amount they want to bet on every game and also the number of games that a set of numbers will be used for. As such, players of keno have total control over amount of money they are willing to risk in the game and also the amount that the winner will be getting back. In bingo, the numbers are randomly drawn until one of the player wins and there can only be one winner per game.

Keno on the other hand involves drawing several numbers, usually 20 from lot of numbers present. Everyone can then see if they have selected the correct numbers and as such, keno can have several winners and it all depends on numbers selected by the players. Prizes in bingo are offered for full bingo sheets which are for complete columns and rows. Besides these, random prizes and jackpots are also given which vary from one operator to another and from one game to another. The payout structure in Keno is set in advance and players have an equal chance of winning.

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