Hearts Card Game

The Hearts card game is considered to be the trick-taking game which appeared in the end of 19th century. Nowadays this game is very popular activity among the grade school students all over the planet.

Not out of place to mention that the Hearts card game is integrated in Windows OS as a standard Microsoft version.

The object of the Hearts is to avoid tricks which contain heart suits. Plus the Queen of Spades has a special status and even more to be kept off.

We offer you the standard American version of Hearts card game to consider. The article possesses the next points:

  • Before You Start;
  • Deal and Pass;
  • Hand Play;
  • The Score!
  • Before You Start

    Watch through the following points to start the Hearts card game study:

  • Usually 4 players are engaged to play;
  • No partnerships according to card game rules;
  • 52-card deck is used to play;
  • The usual ranking (A's → 2's) is applied;
  • No trumps;
  • Each heart suit card counts as a penalty point. The Queen of spades does the dirty on players with 13 points penalty;
  • The main principle of the game is to keep clear of scoring points;
  • The player who scores 100 points or more - loses; the player who scores the lowest total - wins.
  • Deal and Pass

    The gameplay procedures are going on in the following g way:

  • The deal and the play order is arranged clockwise (as almost in all card games);
  • The dealer distributes the whole deck, 1 card at a time (13 per each participant);
  • After the cards are dealt - each player selects 3 cards of his/her own and passes them face-down to the player on the left. By-turn, after that only, the player takes in 3 cards from the player on the right accordingly and adds them to the hand;
  • On the second round the players pass their 3 cards in the same way, but to the participant on the right;
  • The third round brings in the rule for each player to pass 3 cards to the player who sits on the opposite. After that the hand play starts.
  • Hand Play

  • The player with 2 of clubs starts the game with it;
  • The next player must proceed the trick with the card of the same suit (if it's possible);
  • If the player has no cards of the same suit then he/she may play any;
  • The player who placed the card of the highest rank and the same suit as the starting one - takes in the trick. Also this very player starts the next trick;
  • The player is banned to start with hearts if they don't appear before - during the previous trick playing. Unless his hand contains nothing but hearts;
  • Breaking hearts title means that the hearts enter the game and thus they may be played as a starting ones next rounds (painting the trick);
  • Smoking out the spades Queen means to start the trick with any spade suited card lower than the Queen. This turn is already okay after a first trick is played.
  • Score!

    Now it's time for math:

  • The points for hearted cards in each trick are usually form the player score;
  • Heart card = 1 point and Queen of spades = 13 points;
  • If the player shooting the moon and gathered all the point cards then he/she may reduce his own score by 26 pts. or add these bulk of points to all other player scores;
  • The player with the lower score wins the game - the player who reached the mark of 100 pts. loses.
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