UK Bingo History

Today bingo is known to everyone, and just several years ago it was one of the most played games. Even today, in spite of the huge number of games that appear all the time, bingo is still loved and its fans continue to play it at online casinos. The history of bingo game started long ago, and according to the historical data, the first variants of this game were played even before roulette became popular, and long before first  slot games appeared.

Let us get acquainted with brief bingo history to know all the moments that have importance for the development of this game, and different approaches to bingo in different countries.

1530 Italy

Bingo begins its track from the simple game called Lo Giucco del Lotto D’Italia. This game is claimed to be the basis of today's Bingo.

1770 France

In France, the Bingo arrived in 1770. The game was based 90 balls taken out of the bag, and all the tickets were unique. The winning pattern was a horizontal line.

1880 Germany

In Germany, the principles of Bingo game were used to teach maths in schools.

1929 USA

The Beano game appeared in the USA. As the numbers were called, the players marked them by covering with beans. Edwin Lowe was the one who introduced this game to the masses.

1930 USA


First thousands of Bingo cards was developed thanks to Mr.Lowe. During one of the games played by Lowe and his friends one of the ladies shouted out "Bingo" and Lowe took the name to make money. At that time about 10,000 games per week were played in America. Most of the time, the game was played to raise charity funds.

1968 In the UK

The Game in the UK is played by members of clubs only since 1968, when the Gaming Act came out. Most of the now-Bingo clubs were dancing halls, which brought a special atmosphere, and made the game chick. With the invention of the Random Number Generator, the players were more sure of the unpredictability of the results.

1986 UK

In 1986, in the UK the National Bingo game was launched. This brought amazing popularity for the game of Bingo.

Today, Bingo is not only enjoyed at the separate land-based halls but also can be played at numerous online casinos. Before you register at any online casino, familiarize with the Internet gambling bill to know your rights.

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