Casino Games

Casino games are actually seen as games available at casinos, both land and online. The players gamble with special casino tokens, or chips, which they place on various possible outcomes of each gaming session. Betting is an important part of gambling process in all casino games.

Casino games classification

There are various types of best casino games which can be covered in three main categories:

  • Table casino games including casino card games, like blackjack, poker and baccarat, and roulette casino game;
  • Casino gaming machines - slots, video poker, pachinko and video lottery terminals;
  • Casino games using random number tickets, like Keno, Bingo or simulated sport games.
  • Table casino games

    Table casino games are best casino games played at a table with a real dealer (banker or croupier), unlike games played on special electromechanical devices.
    There is a variation of table games known as casino card games. These are:

  • Blackjack casino game is a card-comparing type of the best casino games played with one or more decks of 52 playing cards. The player is supposed to make various decisions concerning his or her playing card hand in order to bring the total value of the hand closest to the amount of 21 without exceeding it. The game is held against the house represented by the dealer.
  • Poker casino game implies that players who gamble against each other bet on possible winning card rankings. The game consists of one or more betting rounds during which the players have the following possible options:
    1. Match the previous betting amount;
    2. Raise the betting amount;
    3. ‘Fold’ - withhold from further actions with your hand.

    Usually the hand with the highest ranking will be the winning hand in poker casino game.

  • Baccarat casino game is a type of best casino games of cards based on comparison. The players here are playing against the house and are supposed to bring their two-card hands closest to the amount of 9. In defining the hand value 10s are not taken into consideration, e.g. if the sum of card values is 12, the total hand value will be 2 (10 subtracted from 12).
  • NB: Casino card games are games using playing cards where betting is a crucial part of the gaming process.

    Gaming machines

    Casino gaming machines are defined as special electromechanical devices that are specially designed for the purposes of casino gambling. There are two main types of gaming machines:

  • Slot machines and
  • Video poker machines.

  • Slot machines (or slots, fruit machines) are casino gaming machines with 3 or more reels, either mechanical or graphically simulated on video slot screens or computer screens in slots online.

    To start the game, the player inserts money into a special slot on a machine’s face and pushes the button to spin the reels. When the reels stop, certain combinations of symbols imprinted on each reel emerge which are compared to the winning combinations displayed on the payout table, and the player gets payout or loses. The outcomes at slots are completely random as they are defined by the Random Number Generator.

  • Video poker is based on the casino card game of poker, namely its variation of five-card draw. Unlike slot machines, video poker casino game allows certain degree of the player’s skill and knowledge of the poker rules as far as player’s decisions may influence the outcomes in a game.
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