It is said that if you seek for the best strategies for European Roulette, then you really need to check the Martingale System. But is this system really a strong gambling strategy for any casino game?

This system is especially developed for Roulette and played particularly for the European wheel that has a single Zero. With this system you need to have a big bankroll initially, but supporters of this strategy also say that the payout from the game will instantly cover this initial venture.

How to win with Martingale system

Playing Roulette with Martingale system is amazingly simple. The system follows the following process:

  • Choose the color to wager upon - Red or Black and do not change this color during the entire session.
  • Bet the minimum value on the selected color. As an example, say $1.
  • In case the ball lands on the selected color, you not only win the bet amount, but also $1. The system continues to the next bet, where you again bet with the minimum denomination.
  • In case you lose the bet, double your initial bet. It means, this time your bet will be $2.
  • And if you again lose, the bet is doubled again. Now the bet will become $4.
  • And continue to double your bet every time the selected color loses.
  • But statistically, the selected color will ultimately win. By making the bet double every time, you will recover the complete amount that has been lost already. And also the amount of the starting bet will be recovered, which in this case is $1.
  • And once the selected color wins, complete process repeats again, using the lowest bet value.
  • The Martingale System is supported by the theory that as every bet is doubled with each loss, a win on the lowest bet is certain. And, as per the law of averages, the color selected for the bet will finally land.

    The Anti-Martingale System

    There is another betting strategy in Roulette which is a variation of the Martingale System. It is similar in its working to the Martingale Strategy, but this time the bet is doubled each time the initial wager is won. And, in case of a loss, the process begins again, using the bet of minimum denomination.

    Is Martingale System the Best?

    There is one weakness to the Martingale Roulette Strategy. It is based upon the concept that the player owns a huge bankroll, equivalent to infinity. If a player bets on Red, the chance of a continuous series of ten or more consecutive blacks are mathematically meager. But, to a veteran there is no surprise that a one out of a million chance can even occur 9 out of 10 times.

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